No More Distractions (Last JOI before castration) MP4

Clip is 12 mins and in MP4 format.*Includes see thru top for most of video and bare tits at the endCLIP INCLUDES: -GELDING -TEASE -CLEAVAGE -DARK LIPSTICK -MINT COLORED HAIR -CURVY -BIG TITS  -JOI -CASTRATION FANTASY -FEMDOM -TATTOOED -LACE The first minute and 15 seconds of this clip is a nice cleavage/tit tease in a lace almost sheer top before I get down to business and tell you whats what…SOME OF THE DIALOGUE:”Its just SO easy to distract you…You forgot about everything you had planned for today, this week, because you looked at my perfect cleavage for a mere minute. Its so easy to put you in the palm of my hand with just a little teasing…BUT that also makes you a bad slave because you forget that MY happiness, desires and needs come FIRST. You saw my cleavage…your cock got hard…and then ALL you could think about was your cock. “”I have a plan to fix that, to get rid of your distractions. Your distractions stop you from serving ME the best you can. Are you ready to serve me fully and completely? Now this may seem drastic but its just what we have to do…we have to cut it all off. We have to castrate you. Once your pesky member is gone you’ll be free to fully serve me. YES these tits may still excite you but the needs of your cock wont be important anymore….because you wont have one haha! Are you ready to be my little eunuch slave?””Now before we get rid of it…I will allow you ONE LAST JERK OFF….to my perfect cleavage and tits”IF YOU LIKE THIS CLIP YOU MAY LIKE MY OTHER GELDING CLIPS THAT HAVE BEEN TOP SELLERS:CASTRATING you makes me HOT! GELDING, HUMILIATION, MASTURBATION Making fun of your  BALLS and making you my EUNUCH COCK SUCKING SLUT! FORCED BI/CUM COUNTDOWN/GELDINGYour penis rules your life, Let me fix that.