Post Cum Torture

Ideal torment after forcing orgasm WMV(1280*720)HD

clip request:  Hello. Can you make a video similar to Torment after forcing orgasm. Only I want him to be in the mask that you use in other videos. (Would you do a clip like this….It’s a more dominant forced smelling forced orgasm(with extensive post orgasm torture) clip with a guy. The scenario is the following:1. You have him tied up or restrained somehow.2. You have him smelling your barefeet against his will (as if it is punishment and he is trying to resist. You do things like spread your toes over his nose and make him smell between all your toes… Especially the stinky pinky toe. 3. While doing this you are pretending to be somewhat nice by bringing him to an orgasm with by handjob…4. After he cums, however, you remind him that this was for your pleasure… Not his…. And you continue with the handjob on their now supersensitive penis head (palming it nonstop in circular motions all around the head and rubbing it fast against your palm as well) This post orgasm torture drives him crazy, but you enjoy it, as you keep making him smell, while telling him you don’t understand why he isn’t enjoying it since they seemed to enjoy it a few minutes ago. 5. You keep the post cum torture going as long as you can before giving him a choice: to either smell your feet until they pass out from the strong smell…. Or continue with the post orgasm torture. He chooses the smelling. 6. You continue both with a smile just  to be mean…until they pass out or just cant take it anymore from the double torture of smelling and painful hypersensitive post orgasm stimulation focused on the head.)