Post Cum Torture

DVA Road Hog Rub Out 4KUHD

Roadhog finally has DVA cornered but where is this???? She is cornered in his bedroom.. Oh how naughty. Roadhog as always had a thing for our beautiful DVA but then again who doesn’t right? I mean she is sexy and she is in a robotic suit, what a total bad ass. Well DVA didn’t bring Tokki with her this time, it wouldn’t fit in this little room that Roadhog hangs out in. Roadhog lays down on the bed while he waits for DVA to come and service his Hog for him. Dva comes in with her suit on and he has her take it off. Once she is nude wow… DVA hides one hell of a body. She goes over to Roadhog on the bed and proceeds to take his limp cock in her hand. She works it slowly up and down. Roadhog just can’t believe this is happening. He is so happy that he made that bet with her and she lost lol. He lays back as she applies more pressure on his cock as it swells up in her small hands. DVA is amazed by how big it gets so quickly. He must of be really wanting this time with her. She can barely hold in her hands at this point as it is fully erect. DVA speeds up the jerking motion to see if he likes it and Roadhog definitely enjoys this. You can hear the big guys breathing change up as she does this. Her soft hands around his thick throbbing cock feels so damn good he thinks. DVA shows no signs of slowing down as she puts in the work. She knows she has to do what he wants. DVA teases his cock and plays with the head abit. That drives Roadhog crazy since it is so sensitive. Roadhog finally can’t hold out anymore, he tried his best to but well he explodes all over her little hands and moans out. There is yummy cum all over her and she likes it. DVA doesn’t stop rubbing the head of his giant cock she proceeds to make him squirm and wiggle as she doesn’t let up. Roadhog is one lucky son of a bitch. We all want DVA but he gets her 1st. Who knows what he may have her do next time.  #Cosplay #boygirl #handjob #jerkoff