Dull Instrument (1080p wmv)

Do you want to know the truth about your dick? Here it is: Nobody gives a fuck about it. No one cares. It is just a dangling bit of flesh that tends to get in the way. Sure, it is a bit an instrument with a particular purpose, but honestly, who wants to use it? No one.You are the only one obsessed with that useless tool. It means nothing to the rest of us. So, I am here to help. I am going to cut it out of your life, off of you. And, I even have a fun way to do it. I have these nice dull scissors to slowly snip off this dull instrument of yours.Clip contains: cruel femdom gives you a penectomy using dull scissors – humiliation – making you a eunuch – gelding – cutting away your cockAlso available in 1080p mp4.You will also love:Off with It (1080p wmv)Out of Commission (1080p wmv)Dick Removal (1080p wmv)