Busted Open Part 3!!! Full HD

Part 3 of 3! Shorted, so you can ALL watch in Full HD! See How BRUTAL I can be..By this take I was COVERED in bruises.. Watch me kick Andre Dipre in the balls over and over until they create a dispose scene all over my suite!! E**** but Oh so rewarding to know that another PATHETIC SUB HUMAN Slave will NEVER be allowed to reproduce! I was in town for a Fetish Convention to teach other doms how to handle their subs. Andre Dipre got wind of my appearance and rented the suite down the hall from mine! We all know he cannot resist when i make an appearance anywhere! He would soon become my personal pin cushion so to speak! The hits kept coming, every time he’d fall, get up and recover I’d stop by for even tougher punishment! Enjoy this 3 part series and you will re-watch again and again for sure! *Sensitive Violent & Close ups of bodily fluids in this 3 part series..You have been warned*