Ball Stomping

Bareheels masacre WMV(1280×720)HD

CLIP REQUESTHi Elisabet, okay can you squat down while standing on my dick (dildo) with your foot heels giving me your complete full weight? Bounce your butt as you look down at the dildo and rock back and forth watching it squish while your squatting down. After a while, you stand straight up and step down hard making the dildo SQUEAK and POP loudly from under your feet. Show extreme close ups of your bareheels from behind you please. Thank you! ?Hi Elisabet, can you rock back and forth and stomp hard jumping to make that dick SQUEAK and POP LOUDLY? I want to hear it squelch, squeak and POP loudly under your feet as you squat down on it and stand on it please. Bareheels masacre!!!!